June Update

The new season is off to a great start.  Many of our teams saw their first round of tournaments this month.  Read below for a summary of all the great results so far!


Clash at the Border

WE G06 Windham- Finalists Silver

WE B05 Johnson- Champions Div. 1 Gold

WE B05 Prim- Champions Div. 2 Gold

WE B03 Johnson- Champions Bronze

WE G02 Windham- Champions Super Group


Intermountain Champions Cup

WE B07 Brown- Champions

WE B06 Brown- Champions (2005 bracket)

WE G07 Black- 3rd Place (gold)

WE G07 Blue- 3rd Place (silver)


Olivia Chaffin Memorial Tournament

WE G09 Ogami- Finalists

WE G08 Kaiel- Champions

WE G05 Flanigan- Champions

WE G03 Robles- Champions